About mods and this section.

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About mods and this section.

Post by [LOW]P3pSy on Sun Mar 19, 2017 8:55 pm

About this section :This section was made for players to post mods or to shows us their mods/pack . Cool

NOTE:In case you find a mod and you don't know if it is allowed or not, feel free to send the details of the mod to any level 3+(LA+) admins via pm forum,Skype,Facebook etc ... and they will tell you if the mod is allowed or not!

Illegal mods :
-Any mod that can help you shoot better; Eg.: aimbot, no-recoil, triggerbot,32x zoom, etc ...
-Any mod that can let you see a player trough objects, or to shoot him even if in front of your is a object Ex:wallhack,
-Any mods who let you see a player name/ID from a distance higher than the server shows.
-Any mod that can raise the speed / acceleration of a vehicle, player, etc.
Other mods that offer you obvious advantages towards other players.
NOS/Nitro mods etc ...

Mods that you would think are allowed, but aren't:

-Mod that shows the HP bar from a distance higher than the server shows.
-Mod that shows the ID of a player from a distance higher than the server shows
-Mod that can help you get automatically to  capture points ; Example: Autodrive.
-Mods for tunning cars wich are visible for players too
-Mod that can help you run without getting exhausted (Infinite run).
-Mods who change the animation and made the character goes faster also visible for players
-Mod that adds more passenger spots to a vehicle(NOT ALLOWED only for Hunter,Hydra,SeaSparrow(<more than 2 seats)) Example :Hydra with 2 passanger seats)
What can happend in case you use a mod like that :you can get banned for Airbreak etc ..

Legal mods:
-Mod who moddified time,weather from the server
-Binds mods  for the class like : Medic,Suicider,Mechanic or for some others commands in case you are too lazy to type Smile
(helpful for staff members)
-Mods who doesn't give advantage :hud mod, map mod, mousefix, wepons skins, crosshairs etc ....
-Skins,re-textured planes,hellis,cars (since it doesn't give any game advantages)

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