[T]oxic[S]nipe[R]'s application.

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[T]oxic[S]nipe[R]'s application.

Post by [T]oxic[S]nipe[R] on Fri Sep 15, 2017 10:53 pm

Your In-Game name: [T]oxic[S]nipe[R]
Your country:Morocco
Your Time Zone:GMT +0
Why do you want to join us ?(Minimum 50 words):I've been recently looking for clans, therefore I've been looking into each clan in order to know which clan has good,mature & skilled players.. And that's exactly why I'm applying for this clan.. After analyzing each clan, I concluded that there is no better clan than this. ( No offense to the other ones, they're good too :3 )
Have you read our clan rules?: Indeed.
Screenshot of your in-game /stats :
Have you been invited/asked to join the clan by our current member ?,If so tell us who !:[VIP]Headshot
What effort will you give us if you get accepted ?: Ideas to improve the clan, and also by killing people IG, it makes them notice that I'm in your clan.. Which means your clan gets more good reputations, when they notice that S6 clans has skilled players.
Have you became a member in other clan ?,if so tell us why you left it: Never.
Your favourite weapon/heavy vehicle and your profession:Weapon : Sniper // Heavy Vehicle : Hunter // Profession : I always play with Sniper class, if I'm a little bit bored I take pilot class.
What rank are you interested to become ?: Doesn't matter, I'll start from the beginning, and step by step until I reach higher ranks.

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Re: [T]oxic[S]nipe[R]'s application.

Post by [DS]Mouaad[LOW] on Fri Sep 15, 2017 10:59 pm

Accepted .
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