[BLS] Wall Of Fame / Shame

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[BLS] Wall Of Fame / Shame

Post by IMRAN on Wed Aug 08, 2018 12:29 pm

Below You'll Find The Names Of the Best Members in The clan and the reason why We put their Names Here

-[BLS]IMRAN-  Created the clan which we are members of it right now, Being The lord of war and an experienced Guy.
-CarbonDieOxide- This guy Served the clan and keep it standing for a pretty long period, he deserves being here
-[BLS][H]atshepsut- 1 of the oldest clan members, he was added between these names for being Loyal to The clan.

Below You Find The worst Members Who are/were in the clan and the reason why they are so.

-Shadow[BLS] - Banned Multiple times for Hacking & Evading
-FreeksteR- Left The clan leadership just to join another clan which was created yesterday.


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