[BLS] Offical Tester Information

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[BLS] Offical Tester Information

Post by [BLS]Life_ on Thu Oct 25, 2018 11:21 am

*Information About Offical [BLS] Testers*

Official [BLS] Testers will test the applicants after they get accepted. It is necessary to get skilled members in order to maintain the clan, for this purpose a team known as Official [BLS] Testers is created. This team will test the skills of the new applicants and record the test as well, if they think that the applicant's skill is worth joining BLS, then they can welcome them to the clan.

Being an official tester is not easy, it has some requirements. The requirements are:

1)At Least 5000 score in game.
2)At Least 1.50 K/D Ratio.
3)Skilled With Any Weapon/Heavy Vehicle.
4)At Least Luster Soldier[3] Rank.
5)At Least 15 Days in the clan.

If you want to be an Offical Tester and you meet all the requirements, just copy this format, paste and fill it >>Here<<.

-In Game Name:
-Clan Rank:
-Weapon/Heavy Vehicle in which you are skilled:
-Image of In Game stats:
Note: If your application is accepted, [BLS]Life_ will test you and if you pass, then only you become an Offical Tester.

Tester List:

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