[BLS] - Information Regarding Reinstatements!

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[BLS] - Information Regarding Reinstatements!

Post by [BLS]Life_ on Sun Oct 28, 2018 6:29 pm

*Information Regarding Reinstatements*

Resignations are necessary for everyone of us because we need to continue in the real life. But, if you resign, don't think that you have done a thing which can be undone easily. Think twice before you resign from now on because some new rules related to re-instatements have just been implemented and they are as follows:

1)You can not reinstate your rank before at least 2 weeks pass from the date your resignation has been approved.

2)You will always get 1 rank less after reinstating your membership in BLS.

3)Joining another clan after resignation will lead to getting entry into the Wall Of Shame or simply, you will be blacklisted.

4)Resigning with a reason "Inactivity" while you are not going inactive(or are observed to be active later on) will lead to wait 1 more month before reinstatement.

5)Once you post a resignation application, immediately post a name change application and remove the tag and if you don't post a name change application under 24 hours, the waiting time will be increased to 3 weeks. P.S: You don't need to remove the tag if you are in the wall of fame.

6)You won't get reinstated under any circumstances if you are in the Wall Of Shame/Blacklist.

7)Once you post a resignation application, you can NOT cancel it while it's running.

8)If you think that you might not be able to co-operate with one of the above rules then just post an inactive application instead of Resignation Application.

9)If you resign at rank 1, you will need to wait 1 more week for getting reinstated but, you will be given the same rank.

10)If you are in the Wall Of Fame, you will be given the same rank after reinstatement.


  • Leaders can create exceptions like always.
  • Anything can be changed, check this topic weekly.
  • As always, you can suggest in the Members Discussion topic for improvements in these rules as well.¬†

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