That is the meant of friends

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That is the meant of friends

Post by Spar[K]les on Fri Jun 12, 2015 12:44 am

 your friend is annoying, are you bored from him?
Easy way to make yourself laughing again.

Easy mode:-

1. Tell your friend to jump on your car. Go to the quarry capture zone then leave the car he will fall then the car will be park on him.

Tip:- You need to do this type of jokes by your fastest speed.
Because your friend maybe jump from the car before fall.

Perfect mode:-

2. Drive a hydra, tell your friend to jump on the hydra, go so far at the sea, then upside your hydra.

Tip:- don't get your friend, let he use /kill  Twisted Evil

Worst mode:-

I never support you to do this type of jokes.
3. Tell your friend to wait somewhere, drive a hydra and crash it on his head.
4. Tell your friend to change his team, drive a car very fast and let him fall in the sea, you must be a sniper class! To shoot his head under water  Evil or Very Mad

5. Shoot your friend in DM and say sorry, then shoot him again xd and let him die. You must be very fast!!!!

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