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Black Luster Soldiers | Rules

Post by IMRAN on Wed Aug 08, 2018 12:06 pm


---All The Members---

-The Clan is a teamwork, be sure you Work together
-Respect everyone (Players, Members of other clans and members of BLS as well)
-Help New clan Members in getting the Clan's Objective
-Do not be offensive!
-You should respect higher ranks.
-Don't ask for Promotions.​
-Do not misuse your power.
-Listen to higher ranks.
-Don't Troll around.
-Unless you add [BLS] tag to your name, you won't be promoted to Rank 2.
-Don't go inactive unless you post an application and Inform us when you are back. Your inactivity application is approved by the co leaders and leaders if they think the reason is valid.
-Report if you caught any clan member breaking a rule. 

-Don't Kill A Clan Mate with an intention to do so
-No one except the leaders can process/approve the inactive notices or resignations.
-Read each and every topic to be aware of everything.
-Respect In Game Rules
-If anyone breaks a rule, consequences will be bad. In case you are giving excuses like I didn't knew the rules or I didn't read this topic then we are not responsible, it's a,ll your fault if you did not read the rules. Hence, under any circumstances, consequences will be held on breaking a rule.


-Don't be a troll and kick out everyone.
-Show good example how other members have to act like.
-Don't mess with clan settings unless The main leader tells you to do.
-Do not promote anyone unless leaders tell you to do.

-Do not recruit anyone into the clan without having a proper video in which it is proved that the player is skilled enough for joining Black Luster Soldiers.​
-Don't think that if you are a co leader or leader then you can do anything.

-The Rules Can be revamped, Check them Weekly
-You can Report if you caught any member breaking any of the above listed rules
-If it's proved that a member broke a rule it will result in a kick out/demotion.

-If any clan member will report another member correctly, then the one who reported will get 20 XP!

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