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Black Luster Soldiers | Rules

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---All The Members---

-The Clan is a teamwork, be sure you Work together
-Respect everyone (Players, Other clan member and your own ones)
-Help New clan Members getting the Clan's Objective
-Do not be offensive!
-You should respect higher ranks.
-Don't ask for Promotions.​
-Do not misuse your power.
-Listen to higher ranks.
-Don't Troll around.
-Add [BLS] Tag after reaching rank 2
-Don't go inactive unless you post an application and Inform us when you are back
-Report any caught rules breaker

-Don't Kill A Clan Mate with an intention to do so


-Don't be a troll and kick out everyone.
-Show good example how other members have to act like.
-Don't mess with clan settings unless The main leader tells you to do.
-Do not promote anyone unless leaders tell you to do.​

-The Rules Can be reframed, Check them Weekly
-You can Report if you caught any member breaking any of the previous rules
-If it's proved that a member broke a rule it will result in a kick out.

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