Some mistakes.

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Some mistakes.

Post by TheNotoriousKimmi on Sat Feb 11, 2017 7:08 am

a) When we join a team let's say France and do /stats , the server as obvious writes there France and the same happens with other teams, but a guy who is in Russia and does /stats or someone views his / her stats it shows his / her team is "Russian" , it should be changed to "Russia" as it's in which team you are, I mean yes by reading the word "Russian" there simply means that the person is in Russian team , but in a stats of a guy who is in other teams just writes the team's name like in France team it is "France" not "French" , in England it is "England" not "British" and same with other teams.
The following images show that this thing happens in our stats when we are in Russian team and an image given as an example to show that it doesn't happen when we are in other teams:
1) When we are in Russian team:
2) When we are in France team (an example):

b) As we all know that the /clanmotd cmd has been changed to /clanmoto but it should be the same when we are about to change it, I want to say that cmd to change it is still /updatemotd , changed it to /updatemoto , this is just a small mistake (which was made by forgetting doing it).

Some images to make it clear:

1) When we do /updatemoto the server says "Error: This command doesn't exist" as you didn't change that cmd to /updatemoto :

2) /updatemotd still exists:

c) When there any no bounties and we /bounties The server says "There are no any bounties at the moment" , correct it , change it to "There are no bounties at the moment"

An image showing this mistake:

d) When we do /updateranks 1 let's say /updateranks 1 Lieutenant , rank 0 also gets that name, fix that and set an option in /updateranks to change rank 0's name.

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